When will I be billed?

We will bill your credit card, on the first day of the month, at the start of your billing period.

How am I billed for locations?

zeeHIVE’s Franchise Intranet pricing is based on a single Head Office Fee as well a Unit Fee based on the number of locations (or units) within the “Location Manager” section of your zeeHIVE Admin dashboard on the last day of the previous month. zeeHIVE Add-on Packages pricing is either a Head Office Fee or a Unit Fee.



What payment methods are accepted?

zeeHIVE accepts Visa and MasterCard.


zeeHIVE Platform: What shall I do if my account is past due?

If your account is past due, please update your payment information in the “Account Management” section of your zeeHIVE Admin to reactivate your account. Upon successful payment, your account will be reactivated, and your users will regain full access.


How am I billed for Customer Success Programs?

The Premium and Essential levels fees will be included in your monthly billing cycle.


How am I billed for storage?

Our approach is to include as much storage as you need to run your business as part of your subscription fees. To avoid misuse of the zeeHIVE platform, there is an upper storage limit of 100GB or 2GB per location whichever is greater. If you surpass this level for over 6 months, the subscription fee for upgrading storage in 10GB increments at $5 per month.

There is also a limit of 1000 documents, however if you need more than that simply contact zeeHIVE at


How am I billed for Service-based Projects?

The zeeHIVE Service team is available to meet your needs for both training support and technical services to tailor your zeeHIVE platform to meet your needs.

These projects are discussed with you to fully understand your business needs and an estimate is sent for your approval. When the work is completed, an invoice is created and sent to you. This can be paid by credit card or by cheque payable to “adHOME Creative Inc.”