We’re happy to provide a simple and transparent pricing model that makes monthly budgeting a breeze. Get the most sought after packages at reasonable prices that have the features you need to succeed.


We’re happy to provide a simple and transparent pricing model that makes monthly budgeting a breeze. Get the most sought after packages at reasonable prices that have the features you need to succeed.

Base Intranet

Our two core modules have everything you need to start running a smooth Franchise Intranet.


Essentials gives you access to the Home Page Manager (Content Management System), allowing customization of your home page to highlight the areas of your intranet that your franchisees will use most often. Create new sections and pages, which can include text, images, documents, forms and videos.

Franchisee Activity Tracking allows you to view all Bulletins and Documents downloaded by your franchisees on an individual basis, as well as how often each franchisee has used the resource center, helping to ensure compliance and best practices within your organization.

NOTE: This is a monthly cost and is not effected by number of locations


The HIVE is the core of our Franchise Intranet and will set the stage for your organization’s communications. It’s home to all of our networking modules, allowing for easy and effective transfer of information. You can also create and organize your Staff and User directories so that communication is easy and effective. Send Bulletins, create Calendar events, add Quick Polls and manage Forums all in the HIVE.

Your Base Intranet must include Essentials and the HIVE in order to get started.

Add additional packages to complete your custom version.

Pick the Right Package(s) For You


Our optional packages allow you to select only what you need to support your franchisees and your franchise organization.

The more locations you have, the lower your price per location.

*You will not be charged additional location costs for these packages until you have added more locations to your intranet

Marketing Package:

The Marketing Package comes equipped with a complete set of modules to help you manage your marketing efforts. Store all your marketing materials in one place for easy access by all your franchisees. Let us help you generate and manage customer leads and take them from prospects to paying customers. Use our Ad Builder to let franchisees generate consistent and brand-compliant marketing materials.  Use the Social Media manager to push daily social media content for use by your franchisees.

per location*

Includes these Modules:

Marketing Resources Repository

  • Keep all your brand identity and marketing materials in one place
  • Ensure brand conformity and compliance

Customer Lead Manager

  • Manage customer leads with comprehensive lead management tools
  • Track effectiveness of lead sources

Social Media Manager

  • Provide corporate content to franchisees for social media posts, ensuring brand consistency and compliance
  • Help your franchisees engage and increase social media audience

Operations & Support Package:

We know you need access to up-to-date information to run a successful franchise operation. That’s why we’ve equipped this package with the tools you need to effectively operate and support your franchisees.  Generate and send tasks to one or many franchisees to track status and completion. Keep franchisees compliant with your operational and brand standards through our custom field audits application.

per location*

Includes these Modules:

Task Manager

  • Assign tasks to all or individual franchisees
  • Track franchisee acceptance and completion of tasks
  • View all “in progress” and completed tasks at any time

Store Opening Manager

  • Schedule and track location openings
  • Create custom task lists provided by your company
  • Monitor workflow and assign tasks to franchisees
  • Track accurate per-location build information anytime

Field Audits

  • Create custom Field Audits for all facets of your operation
  • Deliver Field Audits to one, many, or all your franchisees
  • Create tasks to address deficiencies
  • Review in-depth, detailed audit and location reports to promote excellence or address weaknesses
  • Identify compliance issues before they turn into liabilities

Franchise Sales Package:

Our Franchise Sales package is equipped with lead generation, lead management and a full CRM to take leads from prospects to full franchisees. Identify the hottest leads and track each prospect’s progress with an individual checklist for each lead, including the ability to send your FDD and any other documents right from the Franchise Intranet.

per location*

Includes these Modules:

Franchise Lead Generator

  • Track progress from Lead to Franchisee
  • Deliver and track FDD’s and related materials electronically
  • Manage Franchisee leads with comprehensive franchisee lead management tools

Hot Leads and Dashboard

  • Identify hot leads instantly for follow-up
  • Display data in a variety of different ways to analyse lead information
  • View leads by source and time in your system
  • Email and track delivery of FDD to franchisees

Finance & Accounting Package:

We make it easy for your franchisees to submit their sales reports with our simple form-based Sales and Royalty Reporting module. Royalties are automatically calculated and available for instant reporting. Optional payment methods include EFT direct deposits and PayPal payments.

per location*

Includes these Modules:

Sales and Royalty Reports

  • Record franchisee sales and automatically calculate royalty payments
  • Ensure accurate, anytime franchisee and system-wide royalty reports

Sales and Royalty Payments

  • Customize royalty payment can be configured to allow for EFT direct deposits and PayPal payments

(May be some additional programming/costs depending on your banking institution requirements)

How much will it cost?

The more locations you have, the lower your price per location

NOTE: We have the ability to bulk load location information. Please contact us directly if you would like some assistance with adding multiple locations in a timely manner.

Package Price per Location




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