The beehive is efficient in releasing the bees to work at making honey.

Franchising is an outstanding way for you to to accelerate your proven business model to the next level of growth. It empowers you to expand quickly, efficiently and with less uncertainty.

In the beginning phase of your emerging franchise, the focus is on recruiting “go-getters” to pioneer your brand into new territories. The search is on for people of Action — with a capital “A”.

As these proven performers join your team and things start moving, your role soon evolves from “selling the opportunity” to getting these motivated owners to pull in the same direction to propel your enterprise forward. This means a new “A” is needed — Alignment.

Fortunately, there are some important lessons on alignment that franchisors can learn from the world of honey making.


The beehive is stronger with each hexagon-shaped cell added to the hive.

The building block of every franchise is the franchisee. When franchisees are aligned and operating according to their design, the entire network is stronger. Franchise alignment is achieved when all three players are performing in-sync.
the franchisor,
the franchisee and
the front-line employees.

You are moving toward alignment when everyone is properly informed, productive, motivated and compensated.

Just as the hexagon is the optimal shape to build a strong hive, well-run franchises have designed their local units to operate in a manner that allows them to thrive as a unit and to contribute to the whole organization. This is often referred to as the “network effect” as each properly operating “cell” impacts the value that customers experience at the the other cells.


Bees arrange their lives around the hive’s central mission — the making of honey.

Having a strong vision for why your franchise exists is critical. This makes selecting franchise partners who, at their core, are aligned with this vision and mission so much easier.

But even with a powerful mission, franchisors recognize that a well-aligned team cannot be taken for granted. It doesn’t take long before rumours and confusion can quickly foster a sense of distrust and soon people are misaligned and the performance of the whole team starts to suffer.

Just as the bees have an established communication system to keep the hive running smoothly, every successful franchise needs a digital ecosystem as the foundation for their franchise alignment.

The zeeHIVE platform is the software that is used by over 50 clients to help them maintain franchise alignment. They use zeeHIVE to regularly reach out, share stories, offer coaching input, listen to concerns, provide clear directions and ensure that the right financial processes are in place and working as they should.

If you want to create a digital ecosystem that will sweetens your bottom-line, check out the possibilities that zeeHIVE offers.